DSS is also located in LC 154. It offers academic advising, classroom accommodations, and testing accommodations (extended time, alternate test formats, and private testing environments). If a student is registered with DSS, they are eligible for TRIO services.


CAPS is located in the West Entrance of the Curry Health Center. Full time students receive three free visits and can use services such as:

· Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy
· Topical Group Therapy / Workshops
· Crisis Walk-in Service
· Test Anxiety Workshops (call 243-4711 for dates and times)
· Psychiatric Consultation
· After hours urgent care (provided by the CHC Medical Clinic Staff)
· Brief In-patient Respite Care
· Bereavement counseling
· Networked with Self Over Substances to provide substance abuse counseling

Group counseling on pre-determined topics is also available for free. Topics are listed on the CAPS website.