There are numerous opportunities to study abroad as a UM student. 

The Office of International Programs conducts information sessions every week of the semester on the following days/times in the International Center, room 113 (next to the Math Building):

Tuesdays: 4pm

Wednesdays: 12pm

Thursdays: 4pm

All incoming freshmen without AP credit and transfer students still needing to meet their math requirement are expected to take the online placement test (called ALEKS) before registering for a math course. 

Visit UM’s Math Placement website:

You will need to know your student ID number as well as the ALEKS UM Course Code: MAHXU XDVMA

Once you have taken the test, write down your score (1, 2, 3, 4, or Out of 4) and contact your academic advisor for assistance determining the appropriate math course to register for.  If you do not know who your advisor is, contact the department office of your academic major.

For a listing of official UM dates and deadlines, click here.  The UM Academic Calendar can be accessed by clicking here.




Direct your questions to an advisor at the Undergraduate Advising Center via email, . They have info on policies, deadlines, general education requirements and much more. If they don’t know the answer, they will refer you to the appropriate office.

Click here to view tutoring schedules for the Study Jam, Writing Center, and Math tutoring programs. If you have additional questions, contact Sharon O’Hare (Executive Director, Office for Student Success) at

For College of Technology students, a range of tutoring services (for several UM programs and departments) are also offered at the Academic Support Center (Room AD-06) on the COT East Campus (909 South Ave W.). Contact Cec Gallagher (243-7878) or Donna Bakke (243-7826) for more information.

Career Services


Career Services located in LC 154 gives students (freshman – senior) a leg up in the fast track professional world. Students can prepare for post-graduation by utilizing Career Services to help build a resume with summer jobs and volunteer work while exploring career opportunities. They even house a library of information on potential careers and best fit university majors. Career Services has a program called Ask-an-Alum, which provides students the opportunity to contact former UM students to ask questions about their career choices.



The TRIO-Student Support Services program is located in Lommasson Center (LC) 154. TRIO provides eligible students with a variety of resources, such as a 2-credit course in study skills (C&I 160), academic advising, help with financial aid issues, and tutoring opportunities. TRIO eligibility is based on income (similar to Pell Grant eligibility guidelines), parent’s education (neither parent completed 4-year college degree), and/or documented student disability.